What Our Clients Are Saying

“For more than 25 years, our organization worked with the same small group of individuals to plan our annual conference. Inevitably, there were always problems with the small details, the cost overruns, the materials, the speakers….  These all lead to delays or other “band-aid” approaches to fixing our problems. We did not feel we were growing as an organization.  Since involving ARB in planning and managing our annual conference, there has been such a dramatic difference. Their professionalism, attention to details, their thoughtfulness and flexibility has transformed our conference into a world class event. Anne and her staff have contributed so much that words alone cannot describe what they have meant to our organization.  They have become a “family” member to our board and to our members.  There is a very famous Chinese Quote: “If you want 1 year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people.”  ARB grows people and organizations and that in turn builds prosperity!”
Alex Yei
Past President, National Association for Medicaid Program Integrity (NAMPI)

“I have worked with ARB on many meetings and have been consistently impressed with their professionalism and true enjoyment in what they do. There is no detail too small. ARB is an absolute pleasure to do business with.”
Jeanne Cloppse
Practice Lead, Health Care, Lawrence & Co.

“ARB is one of the most creative and professional groups with whom I have had the pleasure to work. Dealing with pharmaceutical marketing executives from companies such as Bayer Health Care and Pfizer Inc. can be extremely challenging, not to mention stressful. The ARB team always keeps a calm attitude despite the nearly impossible deadlines and last minute requests our team receives from our clients. In turn, they put our pharmaceutical clients and internal team members at ease, providing everyone with the confidence that all details and logistics related to our meetings and events will be managed and executed to perfection. More importantly, ARB is always willing to help find creative solutions to our clients’ challenges and needs and makes sure through her own hard work and through that of the staff she assigns that each and every program is executed flawlessly.”
Diane J. Vinch
Senior Vice President, Management Supervisor, Sudler & Hennessey

“In a matter of 12 weeks we needed to conceptualize, plan, coordinate and execute our first industry conference.  As a fast growing startup, this was a do or die moment for us.  Overwhelmed and intimidated by the task at hand, we were on a path of doom and destruction.   Then Superwoman and Wonder Woman (a.k.a. Anne and Nicky from ARB) came to our rescue. Not only did we put on a conference, we knocked the ball out of the park!  Our clients and prospects were impressed and begging for more.  If you have an impossible task and want superhuman results, get ARB on your team.”
Andy Ellis
Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Federated Sample

“ARB has supported me throughout the years, while working for different organizations, on several projects and meetings and I can honestly say that I’ve always been more than impressed by their professionalism and “can do” attitude.  Nothing is too small or too large for them.  They’ve always amazed me with what they can accomplish and I would recommend them to anyone that wants superior quality from a solutions oriented team.  ARB is a delight to work with and I look forward to new projects and meetings with Anne and Nicole.”
Doug Stefanelli,
COO & Executive Vice President, RadMD, LLC / BRITI, LLC

“I am the President of SequenceMedical and during my tenure as CEO of MedReviews, I engaged ARB Meetings to run a complex and important program for our most significant pharmaceutical client. At the time, the program was going poorly. It was over budget, behind schedule and in danger of materially diminishing our business. ARB’s outstanding work managing all aspects of the program turned it around almost instantly. We found an excellent partner in ARB and have come to rely on Anne and her team as an integral part of our business.”
Charles Benaiah
President, SequenceMedical